Can I get a refund for the train ticket?

Every train ticket is different, so please write to info@saveatrain.com with a subject line "Ticket Refund". We will check if it is possible and is so, we will guide you through the process. Please read the fare condition for each ticket prior to emailing us.

Do I need to pay for a child ticket?

Up to the age of 4 years old, every child can travel free of charge as long as he is together with an adult.

Do you also offer your train tickets service to businesses?

Yes, please click the For Business tab on the top of our Home page, and it will guide you on how to reach the right department.

How can I cancel my train ticket?

In order to cancel your train ticket, please write to info@saveatrain.com with a subject line Ticket Cancelation. We will guide through the process. Please read the fare condition for each train ticket to understand if you can cancel and get a refund.

How can I contact Save A Train?

Please click the Help Dropdown, and pick contact us.

How do I change my train ticket departure?

In order to change your train ticket, please write to info@saveatrain.com with a subject line "Ticket Change". We will guide you through the process. Please read the fare condition for each ticket to understand if you can change it.

How do I exchange my train ticket?

In order to exchange your train ticket, please write to info@saveatrain.com with a subject line "Ticket Exchange". We will guide you through the process. Please read the fare condition for each ticket to understand if you can exchange it.

How do i find the fastest train from one point to another?

When you search for trains on SaveATrain.com, when you get to the results page, Next to the price you will find the time of the travel.

How do I get my rail ticket?

We will send you your rail ticket to your email within up to 24 hours, if you didn’t receive it for some reason, please check your spam box and if it is not there, please email us to info@saveatrain.com.

How do I unsubscribe from your blog?

In each email that we sent, at the bottom of the email, you have an unsubscribe button.

How early do you need to arrive to the train station?

20-30 minutes before train departure is sufficient enough time to arrive to the train station.

How far in advance can I book a train ticket?

In general, Train tickets are released 3 months in advance and this is when you can place your train ticket booking.

How fast do you answer a support request?

We guarantee an answer in less than 24 hours, but we pride ourselves on the best customer service a client can wish for, so normally the answer will take in between 1 minute to a few hours.

How much money can I save on my train trip?

That is a good question! We recommend booking in advance since it is cheaper that way. Other than that - there are special deals for groups, same-day returns, and tickets over the weekend that can help you save money in advance on your train ticket.

We will always show you the lowest train ticket price, but if you want more deals, please subscribe to our blog and social channels to get notified of deals.

How to order first class train ticket?

Please click Find your train button in the front page, as soon as you reach the results page, please click select, then you will find a small arrow facing down, pick it, and you will see a drop-down where you can choose a higher train ticket class.

I tried to search for a train route but I didn't find any. Why?

Most of the rail operators open their inventory 3 months before the journey. If your problem is different, please contact us at info@saveatrain.com and we will be happy to help.

What is better Rail E-Ticket or Pass?

E-Tickets for Trains are easier to use, cheaper and the best choice, but if you plan to train travel for more than 14 days than a Pass offers better economic value.

What is the luggage allowance?

This is what is great about trains, you can bring as many luggage as you want onboard the train at no extra cost.

What kind of discount do children get on train tickets?

Whether a child can travel at a discounted rate or for free depends on the rail operator and age, when you search for the train, key all the relevant details and your price will automatically be adjusted depending on the passenger age.

What kind tickets types and discount can I get?

When you search for a train ticket at saveatrain.com you automatically get the cheapest fares guaranteed.

Which countries do you currently offer tickets to?

With Save A Train you can travel all over Europe. We offer international routes and local routes in the following countries:

Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, UK(London), Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Denmark, Poland, Czechia, Sweden, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Latvia and more to come.

Why didn't I get my train ticket after I ordered?

Sometimes the train tickets lands in your junk box, please look there.

In case you still didn't get the train ticket, please email info@saveatrain.com and we will resend you the train ticket right away.

Why didn't my train ticket have an exact time?

If you didn't have an exact time on the train ticket you purchased, that means your train ticket is for a regional train, and therefore you can pick any train you want during the day you chose to train travel.

Why I don't see my seat reservation number?

This happens when you are traveling on a regional train, but don't worry, your place on the train is guaranteed, and you will get to seat in the class that you booked your train ticket for. 

Why should you buy train tickets from Save A Train?

There are several reasons to buy from us:


1. You should know is that we always offer you the cheapest price. We don't charge you anything extra (no booking fees no credit card fees, we don't play games).

2. We have the largest payment selection that you won't find in other train websites.

3. You can buy easily with us in your own language.

4. With us, the process of booking and understanding what kind of ticket are you buying is very simple, and we are at your service for every question.

5. Follow our social channels and see how many people like us